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  • Replace WhatsApp Emojis with Google, iOS, Twemogi (Twitter’s Emoji) and 9 others using this Xposed Module

    Emojis matter a lot on WhatsApp and on any other chat app. It’s truly the only way to express your happy or sad emotions on the chats. So these got to be cute and absolutely perfect for your emotional faces, right? If you feel WhatsApp emojis don’t do enough justice to your expressions, then there’s this Xposed Module by the name […]

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  • Get Android N features on your Lollipop and Marshmallow Devices with “Android N-ify” Xposed Module

    Google’s release of Android N earlier this month had us surprised, both with the unexpected release and the new features it brought. However, Android N is a developer preview release only and is available to select Nexus devices only. But thanks to developer MrWasdennnoch, you now have an Xposed module called “Android N-ify” that promises to bring you the new […]

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  • Fix Marshmallow’s Volume Slider Delay on Close with this Xposed module

    If you’ve noticed, the volume sliders on Marshmallow closes after a bit of delay once appeared. This is disturbing for many folks, including us. But thanks goodness we’ve a saviour now — “Volume Slider Delay Fix” Xposed module. Guess developer glauberlima felt the same as most of us do and released this little Xposed module that fixes the volume slider delay on Marshmallow. […]

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  • How to Use Android Pay on a Rooted Device

    [ecko_toggle style=”solid” state=”closed” title=”Previous updates (3)”]    [/ecko_toggle] Google yesterday released Android Pay in the USA and the service will soon expand to other parts of the world as it gains traction, but what must be a burning question for you, us and many other like-minded folks is “Does Android Pay works on a rooted device?” Well, NO. Right now, Android […]

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  • Xposed Module lets you Diable Signature check to re-install an app without losing data

    Android operating system comes with a Signature verification system that verifies the author of an app by using a private key which is the digitally signed certificate. The Android system uses these certificates as a means of establishing trust relationships between applications. So whenever you re-install or update an app manually, the android system verifies the signature […]