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  • Verizon’s Cellebrite systems sparks rumors of two new Xoom Tablets


    Verizon’s Cellebrite systems images that went viral all over the net last week is back again. We knew that devices like  Nexus Prime, Droid HD and the HTC Vigor (find these HD devices here) were coming soon to Verizon, but this week we have even more surprising news. The  MZ617 Pasteur and MZ609 Fleming are apparently two new tablets from Motorola, which are […]

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  • More Xoom 2 Pics Leaked. 9.3mm Thickness Rumored!

    We know and completely agree that tablet’s thickness is one of the most important factor to a buyer. This is where Galaxy Tab 10.1 excels at — being just 8.6 mm thick — while other companies try to break that benchmark. We’ve seen Motorola’s several tablets leaked in last few weeks and their cool new […]