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  • Xiaomi Mi 6 to come in 11 color options

    Gone are the days when flagship smartphones were meant to be released in only standard selected colors. The companies are now experimenting on the color front. While LG launched G6 in White, Black and Platinum colors, Samsung went over the top to release Galaxy S8 and S8+ in five colors viz Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, […]

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  • Xiaomi Mi 6 vs OnePlus 3T: Which is best?

    Xiaomi recently unveiled their latest flagship smartphone, the Mi 6, which features the Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB of RAM, a dual-camera setup, premium build, and a not very expensive price tag. So, how does the new Mi 6 compare against another flagship Chinese smartphone, the OnePlus 3T. Both these devices provide high-end specs in a […]

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  • Xiaomi Mi 6 theme available for download

    Xiaomi has made the official Mi 6 theme available for public. The new theme includes several new customizable elements and features. According to Xiaomi, the theme will work on both Chinese and Global ROMs. The Mi 6 theme comes with new 3D color changing lockscreen and homescreen. With these new colors, you will see a […]

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  • Is this the Xiaomi Mi6?

    Xiaomi Mi 6

    Update [April 19, 2017]: Xiaomi has officially unveiled the Mi6 now. Find the official images, specs and pricing at our Mi6 announcement page here, while keep a tab on our Xiaomi Mi6 page for all news related to Mi6 and Mi6 ceramic edition. We are just a day away from the official launch of Xiaomi’s next flagship […]

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  • Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 Headset announced at $14

    Last year, Xiaomi had announced a VR headset called the VR Play, which was basically a better Google Cardboard. Now, there’s a new one, called the VR Play 2 with subtle improvements that should make viewing VR content better. The Xiaomi VR Play 2 is covered with a cloth material so the headset is comfortable […]

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  • Xiaomi Mi Mix released in South Korea

    Xiaomi’s ultimate phablet, the Mi Mix, has landed in South Korea. The device is up for grabs at G-Mobi Korea, an official local retailer of Xiaomi products, at KRW 799,000 which translates to approximately $707. G-Mobi Korea will start shipping Xiaomi Mi Mix to consumers this month itself from April 28th. The product is already […]