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  • 8 cool new WhatsApp Status Tips and Tricks

    Where the old WhatsApp status had only text, the new ephemeral WhatsApp Status allows you to be cool and artistic with stickers, colorful text, and doodles superimposed on images. As the new WhatsApp Status is well new, here’s our help to get you through it, in the form of a beginners guide to WhatsApp status. Click on […]

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  • How to Hack WhatsApp in 2 Minutes

    WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform of our times. Used by millions of people everyday, the messaging app connects people from all parts of world. And as it’s evolving, the app now let’s users make voice and video calls as well. Essentially, the app has grown to be a very personal thing for each of its user […]

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  • WhatsApp could add Status reply feature, latest beta update has a hint

    In the latest update to WhatsApp beta version 2.16.342, we found a new file called status_reply.xml, which makes us believe that WhatsApp is contemplating adding an option, allowing you to directly reply to status of your contact on WhatsApp. Download WhatsApp APK 2.16.342 beta here. Moreover, looking at its code, which uses conversation entry layout, it seems […]

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  • Two-factor Authentication is coming soon to WhatsApp!

    WhatsApp beta received an update today that upped its version to 2.16.212 (download here). While there are host of changes included in the latest beta, like common_sign_in files now becoming common_google_signin files (Google is specifically added now to filenames!), the most exciting thing we’ve spotted among the ton of new/changed stuff is some hints at two-factor Authentication. There are four […]

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  • Download WhatsApp APK Version 2.16.103

    WhatsApp just released a new version of their beta version of the app, 2.16.103. For those interested in the latest beta, and thus latest features of the WhatsApp app, can download the app form below. → Download WhatsApp 2.16.103 (beta) Remember, this is a beta version, so there are chances some things wouldn’t be right […]

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  • How to Use Parallel Space to Run Multiple Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Accounts on One Device

    Ever wanted to login to multiple user accounts on various social networking apps installed on your device like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, etc.? Well, now you can easily do so. Thanks to a new app on the Play Store called “Parallel Space”. Parallel Space allows you to virtualize almost 99% of apps available on the Play Store, […]