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  • [Video] Virtual Reality gets a new definition with Google and Mattel’s View-Master


    Google and Mattel getting together sounds like something cool just waiting to happen. So when Mattel sent out invites for a joint event with Google, we could hardly contain our excitement. Based on rumors and hearsay, we expected something pretty dramatic happening to Google Cardboard — which enables users to experience virtual reality using their […]

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  • Buy Google Cardboard for $18, if you can’t make one

    Remember Google Cardboard? A DIY virtual reality headset project that uses a sheet of cardboard, your phone and a companion app to build a basic VR headset. Google launched the Cardboard project alongside with the announcement of Android L at Google I/O 2014. The g.co/cardboard website gives you a quick overview of how to build the Cardboard VR headset easily using […]