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  • Daydream app update now shows controller battery on your VR and brings an option to turn off notifications

    Whether you want to experience concerts or sports matches like you are actually there or visit famous places through virtual reality, the Daydream app, from Google, allows you to do so. The latest update of 1.4.17 brings the much-needed battery indicator for your controller on your VR. To view the battery indicator on your VR, […]

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  • [Video] Virtual Reality gets a new definition with Google and Mattel’s View-Master

    Google and Mattel getting together sounds like something cool just waiting to happen. So when Mattel sent out invites for a joint event with Google, we could hardly contain our excitement. Based on rumors and hearsay, we expected something pretty dramatic happening to Google Cardboard — which enables users to experience virtual reality using their […]

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  • Buy Google Cardboard for $18, if you can’t make one

    Remember Google Cardboard? A DIY virtual reality headset project that uses a sheet of cardboard, your phone and a companion app to build a basic VR headset. Google launched the Cardboard project alongside with the announcement of Android L at Google I/O 2014. The g.co/cardboard website gives you a quick overview of how to build the Cardboard VR headset easily using […]