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  • Galaxy Note Edge Nougat update: Sprint releases N915PVPS4DPH3 build (6.0.1)


    Update (September 22, 2016): Sprint has released a new Android 6.0.1 based update for its Note Edge, that is identifed by its software version N915PVPS4DPH3. The PH3 update brings in Google’s monthly security patches until September, which means all the latest ones are included, but that’s all about the changelog, as nothing else seems to be the […]

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  • Galaxy S7 Edge Nougat update: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile release G935VVRS4APH1, G935AUCS4API2 & G935TUVU4APIA 6.0.1 builds

    galaxy s7 edge Nougat

    Update [September 28, 2016]: T-Mobile has also released the September patch level update as build G935TUVU4APIA. Apart from that, T-Mobile says some Date/time update and Various system improvements are also part of the same update package. Let’s hope the next one is based on Nougat, and not Marshmallow, although given that global S7 is yet to Android 7.0, […]

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  • Galaxy S7 Nougat update: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile release G930VVRS4APH1, G930AUCS4API2 & G930TUVU4APIA 6.0.1 builds

    galaxy s7 Nougat update release date

    Update [September 28, 2016]: T-Mobile has started pushing out the G930TUVU4APIA update for its Galaxy S7 edge sets. The update brings the September patch level to go with Time/date update, and Various system improvements. Let’s hope PIA is the last update we’re seeing for the S7 on Marshmallow, and the next one bases it self on Android […]

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  • Galaxy S6 Edge Nougat update: Verizon rolls out G925VVRS4CPI2 build! (6.0.1)

    s6 edge Nougat release

    Update (September 22, 2016): A new build known by codename G925VVRS4CPI2 is heading towards S6 Edge users at Verizon, which installs the latest monthly security patch form Google, of September 2016. Verizon doesn’t mention anything else in the changelog, so we will take it as that’s all that is part of the update. Update (September 20, 2016): […]

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  • Galaxy Note 7 Nougat update: AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile out N930AUCS2APHE, N930VVRS2APHE and N930TUVU1API4 build (6.0.1)


    Update (September 20, 2016): US Cellular has announced the Note 7 update too, one that brings the green battery icon, and it comes as build N930R4TYS2APHE. Read the info below to know more about the update which is being issued by all US carriers right now, with Samsung’s duty to take care of the update in […]

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  • Galaxy Note 7 Price and places to buy

    note 7 price

    The Galaxy Note 7 has finally released, and it has brought the iris scanner to Android scene for the first time, apart from upgrading things here and there that make it more like an upgrade made of Note 5 and S7 Edge combined. Even though similar to Galaxy S7 Edge, the Note 7 commands higher price, […]

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  • US Cellular Galaxy Tab S2 gets its own Marshmallow update too with build T817R4TYU1BPD5

    US Cellular Tab S2 Marshmallow update

    Starting from today, the Galaxy Tab S2 users at US Cellular will receive the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The software version for the Marshmallow update is T817R4TYU1BPD5. Recently enough, we saw some Galaxy Tab S2 tablets get the coveted Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, and that included the one at Verizon, Sprint, Turkey and the global one. With […]

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  • Marshmallow update firmware available for US Cellular Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

    Samsung just started rolling out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for US Cellular Galaxy S6 Edge Plus users. The 6.0 update comes with build no. G928R4TYU2BPB6, and is installable by you as you don’t need to wait for the 6.0 OTA with this. The full filename of the update is G928R4TYU2BPB6_G928R4USC2BPB6_USC and it comes in zip format. To install […]