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  • Xiaomi to unveil its next smartphone in India

    We have always known that India features high on Xiaomi’s priority list. However, we got a hint of just how high, when the Chinese manufacturer decided to unveil its next big release in New Delhi — underlining the importance of the Indian market in the company’s global ambitions. Apparently, the Indian press has been invited […]

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  • After Motorola and Nexus 6, Google to team up with a Chinese manufacturer for the next Nexus phone

    We are all familiar with Google’s habit of teaming up with different manufacturers to create stock Android devices, the software giant manages the design, development, marketing, and support of these devices, whereas the hardware is created by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), whose ranks have included Samsung, HTC, Asus, Motorola and LG. This pairing up has […]

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  • Motorola X Phone Release slated for June End/Early July


    Motorola has been hard at work to turn around their company fortunes, especially since Google acquired them and made a whole lot of changes to put the company on the right track. The X Phone from Motorola has long been rumored to be the device that will bring Motorola back on top, and PhoneArena‘s sources now […]