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  • Upcoming Marshmallow Android Phones

    Android 6.0 Marshmallow update is set to officially release by the end of this month (September) or by November 2015. The first Android phone to ship with Marshmallow baked-in would be Nexus 5 of course, but what other Android phones will be coming with the Marshmallow update out of the box. Like every new Android update, Marshmallow too would […]

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  • Galaxy S II Crosses 10 Million Sales Mark !!


    It isn’t that surprising to hear about a fact that we already knew is gonna come soon ever since our much-loved S2 crossed that 5 million barrier in such speedier fashion. But yes, it’s official now — Samsung’s Galaxy S II has crossed 10 million sales figure  and is still running hot, worldwide. And what’s […]

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  • Motorola Droid RAZR Specs Revealed. Game ON!!

    Remember the phone that made Motorola a very well known name worldwide — the Moto RAZR? Well, it’s back. And it’s back with a BANG — rumored to be holding the world’s first 4.3 inch qHD Super AMOLED display, a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 MP cam in back with 1080p capabilities […]

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  • LG LU6200 Pics Leaked Once Again

    LG LU 6200

      LG is making it a routine to launch more and more pics of its latest Smartphone the LU6200. We had seen a few leaked images of LU6200 last week and today, we got our hands on some more pics — either LG is bragging around its new device or the LU6200 just can’t resist […]

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  • T-Mobile Amaze 4G Specs Leaked!

    HTC got one more phone under it’s sleeves: the T-Mobile Amaze 4G. The name’s not official, by the way, and it’s also called the HTC Ruby but the interesting thing about this phone is: it just got its heavy spec-sheet out together with some shots of its own. The Ruby/Amaze 4G has amazing spec-sheet and […]

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  • LG Revolution 2 is Yet Another Upcoming Verizon Phone

    Verizon already has Motorola Droid Bionic and HTC Vigor under its upcoming android phones belt, and there is recent surge of Droid Prime (known earlier as  Nexus Prime) too, but there is one more phone to add to this already super exciting list — which is LG Revolution 2. The LG Revolution isn’t that old […]

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  • Samsung Plans Galaxy R for UK. Here is WHY?

    Samsung is prepping for yet another high-end device for U.K (at least for now, that is) which has been identified as Galaxy R. That’s one less than S in the alphabet hierarchy and it proves the same when you look at the specs. Samsung Galaxy R is rumored to feature a 4.2 inch Super LCD […]

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  • Google Nexus Prime by Samsung

    The need for a fully dedicated webpage detailing everything about the Samsung’s Google Nexus Prime is obvious. That’s why this page — where we’ve put up Nexus Prime’s Specifications (Features), expected Release Date, price, etc. stuff. We keep updating this page as and when more info about the Nexus Prime becomes available. Google Nexus Prime […]

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  • Galaxy S2 UK Release Date is May 1. Doubts Settled.

    Lots of talks have happened recently about the release date and specs of Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, Galaxy S II. On the brighter side, it’s been said that the device will indeed launch with 1.2 GHz dual core processors but on the not-so-welcome side, the release dates everywhere on earth were pushed to June or […]