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  • Get these brilliant LG G3 Watchfaces!

    LG G3 was launched with one of its highly marketed features, the Quick Circle case. While not a benchmark venture in this field, the implementation utilized a circular cut-out window for more than just answering phone calls. Its presence was extended to widgets and full blown apps as well. Despite its multiple uses, the Quick Circle […]

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  • Xperia T Skyfall theme now available

    XperiaT Skyfall

    People tend to identify the Sony Xperia T, more as the Bond phone, than by its own model number, thanks to the heavy in-movie marketing for the handset in the latest Bond flick Skyfall. Various other Sony-driven promos have added to the aura of the handset. Now XDA forum member ruwsoft has released a custom theme […]

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  • Galaxy S3 Icon Set!

    The Galaxy S3 features Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz UI, with some really cool looking icons compared to previous smartphones. And while you wait for the phone to be released in the market and get your hands on one, XDA Forum Member sunnylovesalman has taken some pains to make icons similar to the S3’s icons using Photoshop and shared […]

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  • HTC One X Based Sense 4.0 Theme for Galaxy S2

    HTC made a lot of heads turn with their announcements of the upcoming One series of phones, at the Mobile World Congress this year. Along with the phones, HTC also showcased their newest iteration of the Sense UI, version 4.0, that will be the default UI on all their upcoming phones. Without a doubt, Sense […]

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  • MIUI 4 Theme: Suave HD

    MIUI is one unique custom ROM that gives a total overhaul to the default Android UI. Not only that, but the inbuilt theme engine gives it a level of customizability not seen on any other ROM. A lot of themes, both paid and free are available for MIUI, and can even be mixed together with […]

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  • MIUI Theme based on Windows Phone 7 (WP7)

    MIUI, one of the most famous custom ROMs for Android, has one great and really nifty feature: the inbuilt Theme Engine. The theme engine in MIUI lets you change the look and feel of almost every single thing in the UI, and with countless themes available for it, MIUI is one of the most beautiful […]