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  • Galaxy S7 Edge Nougat update: Android 7.0 beta available, AT&T and Verizon release G935AUCS4APK1 and G935VVRU4API3 build

    galaxy s7 edge Nougat

    Update [November 22, 2016]: A new update bringing the November patch is available for the Galaxy S7 Edge users at AT&T, dubbed as G935AUCS4APK1 and sized 50MB. The PK1 update doesn’t look like packing in much else, but we figure the days are Nougat aren’t close either. The S7 Edge Nougat is still in beta […]

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  • Galaxy S7 Nougat update: Android 7.0 beta available; AT&T and Verizon release G930AUCS4APK1 and G930VVRU4API3 build

    galaxy s7 Nougat update release date

    Update [November 22, 2016]: AT&T has released the November patch update for its Galaxy S7, and it comes as build G930AUCS4APK1. There is nothing else part of the update that is sized around 49MB, while the wait for AT&T Galaxy S7 Android 7.0 update continues. The given PK1 build hardly looks like the penultimate one to […]

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  • Galaxy Note 4 Nougat update: N910VVRU2CPJ2, N910PVPS4DPK1 and N910TUVU2EPJ2 released by Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile

    Note 4 Nougat update

    Update [December 06, 2016]: Verizon too has released the November patch carrying security update for its Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and it comes as build N910VVRU2CPJ2. The PJ2 build is all about security patch, and doesn’t bring anything else to the device, which is already more than two years old, and has only few more update […]

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  • Galaxy Note 5 Nougat Update: Android 7.0 release soon; T-Mobile releases N920TUVU4DPK6 build

    note 5 Nougat update release

    Update [December 06, 2016]: T-Mobile has released the PK6 update as an OTA, and it brings the November security patch. The full build no. of the update is N920TUVU4DPK6, and it’s available as an OTA weighing 453.23MB. The update brings system enhancements too, and it also lets you sync your Gallery pics to your Samsung account, […]

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  • LG G3 Nougat update status and current news: Sprint outs the version LS990ZVF! (6.0.1)

    Android Nougat G3

    Update [October 05, 2016]: Sprint has also released its September patch for the G3. The new software version is now LS990ZVF, and is still based on Android 6.0.1. Update: T-Mobile LG G3 is receiving a new update recently, based on 6.0.1 obviously, and is dubbed as software version D85130e. The update doesn’t bring anything new or exciting […]

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  • One M9 Nougat update: Android 7.0 released for unlocked sets (build 4.14.617.6), US carriers next month


    Update [December 06, 2016]: The One M9 Android 7.0 Nougat update is rolling out as software version 4.14.617.6, and many users are reporting that it’s available in various parts of the world. have a look at the screenie below. The update is sized 1.21GB, BTW, so make sure you have a WiFi connection ready for this. Besides […]

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  • HTC 10 Nougat update: Android 7.0 released for developer edition as build 2.28.617.8

    Android Nougat htc 10

    Update [November 25, 2016]: Okay, as committed by HTC earlier, the Nougat rollout has begun for the HTC 10, with the developer edition trumping other variants as expected. The software version of the Nougat OTA seems is 2.28.617.8, and it comes packing security patch and system enhancements besides the Android 7.0 Nougat upgrade, at 1.1GB. […]