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  • Download Galaxy S6 Firmware (G920VVRU4CPK2, G920PVPS4CPJ1 and G920AUCS5DPJ1added!]

    Update [November 04, 2016]: Latest firmwares added: G920VVRU4CPK2 (Verizon) G920FXXU4DPJN (November patch) G920PVPS4CPJ1 (Sprint) G920AUCS6DPJ1 (AT&T) G920PVPS4CPI3 G920VVRS4CPI2 G920PVPU3CPG3 Update [November 13, 2016]: Galaxy S6 has the firmware based on Android 7.0 Nougat update already under testing, it’s being reported, with the firmware version mentioned in rumors is G920FXXS6DPK7. The expected release date is said to be January […]

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  • Get Surround Sound on T-Mobile S6 with this MOD

    Sound quality on the Galaxy S6 is good, but do you envy HTC’s dual speakers and surround sound tech? Well, you could get that on your T-Mobile S6 as well (sort of). Developer sshafranko has posted a nice little MOD that activates your handset speaker along with the main speaker to produce surround sound effect when playing games, music, YouTube, videos, etc. Since […]

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  • [Update: Changelog added] T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge receive new update, also Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+

    Update: Similar updates is also out for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 (build N920TUVU1BOH6) and Galaxy S6 Edge+ (build G928TUVU1BOH6). Small updates, not much. But can be holding crucial security bug fixes, who knows, changelof is yet to come out for either of the four T-Mobile devices. A new update is rolling out for T-Mobile Galaxy S6 […]

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  • [Update: S6 edge] T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Stagefright Fix also rolling out, not coming with new firmware build though

    Looks like T-Mobile will just silently push the Stagefright fix to Galaxy S6 and (possibly) other Samsung devices without updating the firmware build number. The carrier, only moments ago, released Stagefright fix for several Nexus devices and it looks like a patch for the vulnerability is also rolling out for the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 G920T with the same firmware […]

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  • This T-Mobile S6 5.1.1 (OF6) ROM is Rooted, DeBloated and DeOdexed; runs faster than anything

    When you’re done playing around with various hacks, custom mods, kernels, ROMs, etc. stuff, you just need a simple ROM that has root access and is de-bloated of the crap from your OEM and Carrier. And that’s exactly what this T-Mobile Galaxy S6 ROM delivers. It’s pre-rooted, debloated and stock for everything else. T-Mobile released the Android 5.1.1 update […]

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  • [Update: OH6] Root T-Mobile S6 and S6 edge on 5.1.1 without Tripping KNOX counter

    Oh, yeah! Gotta say that the 3rd party Android development community is pretty awesome. So what if Ping Pong Root was patched, folks over at XDA have now come up with a new method to root the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 that doesn’t trips the KNOX counter. Exactly, boy! You read it right, developers did something with the sboot on T-Mobile S6, such that […]

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  • How to Root Galaxy S6 on Android 5.1.1 (All variants)

    Been impatiently waiting for a working root method for your Galaxy S6 running on Android 5.1.1? Well, there’s some good news. Root has finally been achieved on Android 5.1.1 builds for all variants of the Galaxy S6. This is a combined effort from XDA users g.lewarne, mikeyinid (for making a custom kernel) and bigbiff (for 5.1.1 compatible TWRP recovery). The 5.1.1 […]

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  • G920TUVU2COF6: Download T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 5.1.1 Update [Odin TAR] [Official]

    Samsung is yet to roll out the OF6 Android 5.1.1 update for T-Mobile Galaxy S6, but the firmware is already available for installation via Odin software. The build no. of the Android 5.1.1 update is G920TUVU2COF6, and its Odin flashable TAR is available for download. You can update your T-Mobile Galaxy S6 to official Android 5.1.1 update right away, […]