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  • New PE2 update released for Sprint Note Edge (build N915PVPU4DPE2)

    sprint note edge pe2 update

    The Sprint Galaxy Note Edge is receiving a new update starting today, which ups the software build to N915PVPU4DPE2, Android 6.0.1. Strangely enough, there is no changelog available yet from Sprint, but it shouldn’t take more than a few days for that to become publicly available. Though, our guess is that PE2 build is Google’s monthly security update thing, […]

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  • Sprint Galaxy Note 4 receives new Update (PE1)

    Sprint Note 4 PE1 update

    Sprint hasn’t revealed this on their Note 4’s software update page yet, but there is apparently a new update rolling out for the Galaxy Note 4, build no. being N910PVPU4DPE1. The PE1 update is pretty hefty at 551.68 MB given its changelog, which includes contains Google’s this month’s security patches, this improving security, while also adding on WiFi […]