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  • Jelly Bean MIUI for HTC Sensation [Android 4.1]


    The HTC Sensation has already gotten ports of two of the most famous custom ROMs based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – AOKP and CM10 – and now another one has arrived on the first dual-core device of HTC’s. This time it’s Jelly Bean based MIUI ROM (by XDA Recognized Contributor smokin901), a custom ROM […]

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  • How to Change CID on Sensation


    CID, stands for “Carrier IDentification” and it’s a little number that dictates which software can be installed on a phone. For example, on a carrier locked phone, the CID determines that only a modem or ROM specific to that carrier can be installed on that device. Now there i s way to bypass this, by […]

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  • How To Install MIUI on HTC Sensation

    HTC Sensation users, it’s your good day today — your pray for the MIUI custom ROM on Sensation has been heard, and answered. One very cool developer on android scene, the TripNRaVeR, who made MIUI ports for SE devices earlier (including X10) has now done it again, albeit this time for HTC Sensation. The MIUI […]