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  • How to Set Iris Scanner on Galaxy Note 7

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features an Iris scanner and it’s probably one of the most exciting feature on an smartphone for the year 2016. Iris scanner is even more secure than fingerprint scanners that are found on most devices nowadays. Iris scanner is quick as well to unlock your Note 7. You do not need to touch your device for […]

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  • How to Locate Android Phone

    Ever been into a situation when you can’t find your phone in your pocket and you’ve looked around the house, tried calling your number, but no help, and then you start wondering if it’s stolen? It’s a panicking situation, we know. But you could prepare to not panic the next time it happens. Smartphones of today (including […]

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  • [Update: Fixed] Android M has a serious pattern lock security issue, a particular pattern lock can be unlocked in two different ways

    You’d be surprised to know that an operating system as mature as Android could have such a silly but quite serious lockscreen security issue. We just discovered a particular pattern lock on Android M developer preview release that can be unlocked with two different patterns. Android M is a developer preview release so bugs/issues are to be […]

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  • Try this 2-min Google Safety Check and Get Free 2GB of Google Drive Storage for Lifetime

    To mark the safer Internet Day, Google is offering a free 2GB of Google Drive Storage, simply in exchange for completing its security checkup. As big-media organizations such as Sony Pictures have been hacked, online security is something you should take seriously.  Turning on things like two-factor authentication and setting up a strong password are […]

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  • How to keep your Android Device Secure

    Android smartphones are the current generation miniature power houses that are performing a simple task starting from making a voice call or sending a text message to performing complex tasks like multiple layer photo editing or hard-core gaming. Everyone who has an android smart phone have a usual habit of storing some import data on […]