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  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (AT&T, Cricket, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Verizon, Sprint & US Cellular) PhilZ Touch Advanced CWM Recovery

      WARNING! Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.   GUIDE: PHILZ TOUCH RECOVERY ON GALAXY S3 (AT&T, Cricket, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Verizon, Sprint & US Cellular) Before […]

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  • Android 4.1 Based MIUI for Verizon Galaxy S3

    With the locked bootloader on the Verizon Galaxy S3 having delayed active custom ROM development on the device, but ever since a bootloader was unlocked, development is catching up on the device with other variants of the Galaxy S3, and now we have the MIUI based on Android 4.1 Jelly out for it. “Owners of […]

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  • Restore Verizon Galaxy S3 to Samsung Pre-rooted ROM!

    The recently released Verizon Galaxy S3 – which comes with a locked bootloader unfortunately – recently received methods to root and install ClockworkMod recovery on it, thanks to XDA Senior Member invisiblek. Now, invisiblek has released a pre-rooted version of the I535VRALF2 stock ROM with many of the unnecessary Verizon and Samsung bloatware apps removed, which people […]

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  • Easy Guide to Root Verizon Galaxy S3

    In a disappointing turn of events, Verizon has officially put an end to Samsung’s policy of leaving the bootloaders on their Android devices unlocked by locking the bootloader on the Verizon Galaxy S3 (now we know what caused delays in shipping out the Verizon S3). This means that performing hacks such as rooting or installing […]