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  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Price in UK


    The Galaxy S3 Mini finally has a confirmed release date in the UK, thanks to Samsung’s announcement earlier this week, UK retailers Phone4U and Clove UK had already started accepting pre-orders a few days ago, and Clove UK had priced the Mini at £298 (including VAT) price for the SIM-free, unlocked model. Phones4U on the other […]

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  • Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is powered by ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor ModAp platform


    This isn’t really a surprise, but it has been confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini uses ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor dual-core processor inside, something which Samsung hadn’t officially listed in the specs. Samsung also uses the NovaThor processor in their other mid-range Android devices like the Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy Ace 2, and the Galaxy Beam. Here […]