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  • HTC Sense Ported to Samsung Galaxy S

    The Samsung Galaxy S intends to live a long, long life it seems. The latest in the development scene for the Galaxy S is yet another attempt to port the HTC Sense UI to it. I say yet another, because there have been quite a few attempts before, but none of them ever came to […]

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  • AOSP Android 4.0 ROM for Galaxy S: Codename Android

    Codename Android Galaxy S

    The Galaxy S I9000, sidelined by Samsung citing its hardware limitations as the reason for not upgrading it to the latest version of Android, is sure getting a fair amount of AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Android 4.0 ROMs and ports, thanks to the active community on XDA-Developers. Codename Android is another ICS port for […]

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  • Galaxy S MIUI 4 Custom ROM — Asnet MIUI v4

    The Galaxy S I9000 refuses to recede into the background. Another Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) based custom ROM is out for it, named Asnet MIUI v4, which as the name suggests, is a port of MIUI v4 ICS, bringing you a combination of two beautiful ROMs, namely MIUI and Android 4. It works quite well, […]

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  • Google Video shows Staggering Growth of Android

    Android Activations

    We have always known that Android is here to stay. Now Google has actually posted a new YouTube clip on their AndroidDevelopers channel to give us a clear picture of the staggering growth of Android. The video shows how the number of new Android device activations have grown — at a whopping rate — in […]

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  • Did Samsung Sell 10 Million Units of Galaxy S?

    Galaxy S sales by Samsung

    We haven’t heard a word from Samsung about this one, so it’s very very unofficial right now and you should obviously take it with huge grain of salt. But man, it’s being reported that Samsung has sold as many as 9.3 million units of Galaxy S world over (count as per last Friday) and may […]