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  • Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 Android 5.0 Lollipop update for WiFi, 3G and LTE variants (SM-P900/901/905)

    Finally, Samsung released the much-awaited Lollipop update to its Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 tablet, and it’s came out for all three edition — WiFi, 3G and LTE, model no. being SM-P900, SM-P901 and SM-P905. The Note PRO 12.1 users can finally upgrade their KitKat running tablets to Android 5.0 now. The build no. of the update is P900XXU0BOF2, P901XXU0BOF2 and P905XXUABOF5. […]

  • Wallpapers
  • Download New Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Wallpapers

    Here are some 12 wallpapers of the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, from the latest Lollipop update. Apparently, they’s plenty colorful! Download Note Pro 12.1 Wallpapers While we’re talking wallpapers, do check some others we’ve here. More Wallpapers: LG G4 CM12S Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge HTC One M9 HD Wallpaper app Asus Zenfone 2 Moto […]