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  • Download Galaxy Note 5 Firmware [N920AUCS4CPK1, N920AUCS3CPJ1, and N920PVPS3BPJ2 added!]

    Note: We’re mentioning the latest Note 5 firmwares that were added to this page right now, with download links for these firmwares can be found in relevant sections below. N920AUCS4CPK1 N920AUCS3CPJ1 N920AUCS3BPH4 N920PVPS3BPJ2 N920PVPU2BPH9 N920AUCU2BPE6 N920AUCU2APB2 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Firmware AT&T Note 5 Firmware (SM-N910A) N920AUCS4CPK1 | Android 6.0.1 → N920AUCS4CPK1.zip N920AUCS3CPJ1 | Android 6.0.1 → N920AUCS3CPJ1.zip […]

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  • How to enable Multi User on Galaxy Note 5

    Samsung has disabled the multi user by default on its Galaxy Note 5, but if you are a root user, you could manually add it to gain the ability to easily add another user to your Note 5. But you are going to need root access for this. And getting that means breaking warranty of […]

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  • Sprint Note 5 TWRP Recovery now available

    Sprint Galaxy Note 5 has just received its fair share of love from the custom development community with the release of official TWRP recovery by TeamWin. A custom recovery like TWRP allows you to install custom ROMs, MODs and take complete system backup of your device. But TWRP isn’t just limited to that, apart from basic […]

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  • How to Install Xposed on Note 5

    Xposed framework for Android is everyone’s favorite tool to modify their devices. It’s one of the best thing happened to Android after CM ROMs, literally, we say that with all our heart. If customized features is what you look towards custom ROMs for, then let us tell that Xposed modules will handle that aspect better for […]

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  • How to Backup and Restore IMEI (EFS) on Galaxy Note 5

    The EFS partition on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 stores critical information about your device — the IMEI number. If this partition is cleared by mistake or by purpose, the IMEI number of the device is lost, which results in unacceptability of your device on every carrier in the world. IMEI number is unique to each mobile device […]

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  • How to Root Sprint Note 5 N920P

    Based on the auto-root kernel developed by Manh_IT for the T-Mobile Note 5 Root, we now have a kernel to root Sprint Note 5 as well, and reportedly, it’s working flawlessly for the folks who have so far rooted their N920P Note 5 variant. The auto-kernel for Sprint Note 5 goes by the same name Noble Kernel and follows the similar process like […]

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  • How to Root T-Mobile Note 5 N920T

    Cheers, people! World’s first Galaxy Note 5 root has finally arrived. We informed you of a working TWRP recovery for T-Mobile Note 5 earlier today, but here’s an even better surprise — T-Mobile Note 5 root. Developer Manh_IT who brought us the unofficial TWRP recovery seems to have succeeded with his test custom kernel with auto-root for […]