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  • Download Galaxy A3 2017 Firmware

    Galaxy A3 2017 firmware Model no. SM-A320Y A320FXXU1APLD | Android 6.0.1 → A320FXXU1APLD_A320FOJV1APLC_DKR.zip A320FXXU1AQA1 | Android 6.0.1 → A320FXXU1AQA1_A320FOXY1AQA1_CAC.zip How to download correct firmware file This is the important part! Be sure to check and find the correct the model no. of your Galaxy A3 2017. Then based on your device’s model no., look for the appropriate […]

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  • Download Galaxy A3 Firmware [Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, A300FUXXU1CPH3]

    Samsung Galaxy A3 Firmware Model no. SM-A300F A300FXCS1BPG2 | Android 5.0.2 → A300FXCS1BPG2_A300FOJV1BOI1_XFM.zip A300FXCU1BOEC | Android 5.0.2 → A300FXCU1BOEC_A300FOJV1BOF4_MWD.zip A300FXCU1BOK3 | Android 5.0.2 → A300FXCU1BOK3_A300FOJV1BOI1_MTZ.zip A300FXCU1BOK4 | Android 5.0.2 → A300FXCU1BOK4_A300FOJK1BOK1_ILO.zip A300FXXS1BPG1 | Android 5.0.2 → A300FXXS1BPG1_A300FOXY1BOK4_SER.zip A300FXXS1BPG2 | Android 5.0.2 → A300FXXS1BPG2_A300FETL1BOG1_ETL.zip A300FXXS1BPH2 | Android 5.0.2 → A300FXXS1BPH2_A300FOLB1BPF1_XTC.zip A300FXXS1BPH5 | Android 5.0.2 → A300FXXS1BPH5_A300FODD1BOK1_SLK.zip […]

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  • How to Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy A3

    TeamWin may not have added official support for TWRP recovery for the Samsung Galaxy A3 but user evilracer123 over at XDA has already built one and it seems to be working flawlessly. The recovery image is available for download for anyone who wish to install it, however, evilracer123 has only provided the .img file for the TWRP recovery he built, which you […]

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  • A300GXXU1BOF1: Download Samsung Galaxy A3 Lollipop Update Singapore (SM-A300G) [Odin TAR]

    Finally, Samsung Galaxy A3 Lollipop update in Singapore is also out — build A300GXXU1BOF1. If your Singapore specific Samsung Galaxy A3 (model no. SM-G300G) hasn’t received the OTA update notification for A300GXXU1BOF1 Lollipop firmware, you can download it now and install using our guide below. Installing the A300GXXU1BOF1 Lollipop firmware manually on your Galaxy A3 doesn’t void […]