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  • How to Disable Write Protection on HTC One M9 after S-OFF

    Although HTC One M9 S-OFF pretty much allows you to modify more stuff on your device than a bootloader unlock allows. But there are some partitions on the device that remain write protected even after S-OFF. This shouldn’t be a concern for most of us but for the really pro users among us, developer scotty1223 has a quick solution. scotty1223 has come […]

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  • How to S-OFF HTC One M9

    Earlier this month developer jcase from Sunshine shared with us a teaser picture of a S-OFF’d HTC One M9 but didn’t release the S-Off method then. Well, coming to end of the month, team Sunshine has now made the S-OFF officially available for HTC One M9. For the unknown, HTC devices come with S-ON (Security On) by default and turning it […]

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  • S-OFF achieved on HTC One M9, thanks to beaups and jcase

    Even though HTC now officially lets you unlock bootloader on your HTC devices, the security lock on NAND partition is still a thing for a handful of users. HTC devices come with S-ON (Security On) by default and turning it off (S-OFF) involves a great deal of expertise, which is a thing of pro developers. But thankfully we’ve […]

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  • S-Off HTC One M8 using Firewater Binaries

    First Root and now S-off for HTC One M8, this will be a great news to the HTC One M8 owners who are eagerly waiting to get rid of some bloat-ware apps from the company as well as the developers who are waiting to show their charm on the the HTC M8. Well, this is […]