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  • Best Word Games for Android

    Word Games have been around since much earlier than most graphics based computer (or mobile) games came into existence. The classic simplicity and the opportunity to improve your vocabulary, while having fun at the same time have served to make word games an all-time favorite with players of all ages. It’s no wonder then, that […]

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  • Best Android Browsers Round Up

    Best Android Browsers

    The stock Android browser is one of the best browsers among all mobile phone browsers, however it still leaves a lot to be desired. But offering tons of choices for almost everything is Android’s specialty, and the same applies to browsers. The Android Market is full of different browsers, which add features, functionality and usability […]

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  • Best Galaxy S ROMs [List]

    The Samsung Galaxy S I9000 is one of the best selling and most famous Android phones, ever since it was released back in 2010, with high end hardware ─ that is still a beast among single core phones. No wonder that it has seen one of the most active development community on XDA-Developers, with a […]