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  • Chinese Oppo Find5 Specs: 5″ Phablet with 441 PPI, 1080p Display, Quad-core S4 Processor


    Oppo, a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones, is seemingly working on an Android smartphone having a 5-inch 1080p (1920×1080) display with an amazing 441ppi pixel density! With a display so sharp, you’d be hard-pressed to distinguish a single pixel from the other, unless of course you use a microscope. Called the Oppo Find5, the “phablet” will […]

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  • ZTE T98, World’s First Quad-core Tablet is here


    The Chinese, it seems this year are going to be the first to get the best, atleast thats the case with smartphones and tablets ─ the first Quad-core smartphone being Meizu MX and now the first Quad-core tablet the ZTE T98, both were launched by Chinese companies. The T98 will be the first Quad-corer tablet that the world will […]

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  • Nvidia Kal-El Quad-Core Processor Whitepaper Released

    Nvidia Kal-El

    Nvidia released a whitepaper detailing the specs and what developers and users should expect from Kal-El (Nvidia’s upcoming Quad-core processor). The overview of the whitepaper shows that Nvidia will be using the traditional quad-core system plus it will also add an extra low power processor called the “Companion Core”. The 5th lower core will be […]