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  • C Floating app provides an unique Multi-Tasking experience on your Android Device

    Smartphones are all about the multi-tasking capabilities and offering wide range of functionality to the users without any issues. Android devices are well-known for their multi-tasking capabilities and customization. Native Android multi tasking allows user to launch different  apps and user can use any app from the stack. With the advent of multi-window apps, many innovative […]

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  • Notif — A cool android app that gets you rich notifications of reminders, passwords, pics, etc.

    Notif is a simple, but well designed notifications app, which takes advantage of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean’s rich notifications feature, and  allows you to create custom notifications for every possible thing you can think of. You could use Notif to create notifications for reminders, lists, passwords or even for pictures. Developed by Eric Carboni, […]

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  • Vocal Scientific Calculator for Android, with support for voice, themes, widget, text-to-speech and currency converter!

    If making calculations on your Android device is something you often do, then the app Vocal Scientific Calculator is a great app to have on your smartphone or tablet. Vocal Scientific Calculator allows simple and scientific calculation functions like just any other calculator app, but also adds tons of features on top, like the ability to shake […]

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  • CircleLauncher Android App: Launch Apps and Dial Contacts Fast, Easy and Stylish Way!

    With CircleLauncher Android App, users place dedicated widgets on the homescreen to launch apps or contacts quickly, and fashionably. The free version is good too, but lacks some of the very good capabilities of $1.37 costing paid version, like, custom icon and layout style. With android, you have loads of customization powers. You can change […]