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  • Galaxy Note 5 Apps Ported to Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

    Well, it was quick, But again, it has always been pretty quick when apps of newer Samsung flagship device was ported over to the one that came some 5-6 months before it. Keeping in tradition, the Galaxy Note 5 apps have been ported over to Galaxy S6. We really more device would get the Note 5 apps […]

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  • Touchscreen on ICS for Wildfire Now Semi-Working

    We yesterday posted about the very little development for ICS for Wildfire going on at the forums. The ICS AOSP rom wasn’t functional at all ─ it was just booting and that’s it. Touchscreen wasn’t working. Anyway come today developer KeiranFTW posted a kernel for ICS for Wildfire, and Booyah! Touchscreen works after flashing his kernel, though […]