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  • Play Store APK 6.5.20 [Download]

    play store 6.5.20

    Update: Don’t download the Google Play APL from below as it’s no longer the latest version available, even though it would work alright. Instead, we would want you to download the latest Google Play APK v6.7.12. A new Google Play Store update is rolling out today and we have already captured the APK for you guys. […]

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  • Download New Play Store APK 6.2.13

    play store apk 6.2.13

    Update: New version is now available and you can download it from here: Google Play Store APK v6.7.12. There is a new update out for the Google Play Store, formerly known as Android Market. The new version of the Play Store is 6.2.13 (full version being 6.2.13.A-all[0] 2655766. Download the Play Store 6.2.13 from below. Installing, or updating, […]

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  • Google emulates Apple, Manual review of every single app before it makes the Play Store


    Google Play store is undoubtedly one of the most massive compendium of handheld applications online and is one of the major factors behind Android’s success over its competitors as the most preferred mobile platform. The fact that android is completely open source allowed users to develop their own applications to solve problems and led Google to simply […]

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  • Google introduces new app approval process for Play Store submissions, might help reduce account suspensions

    Google Play

    Although app submissions on Play Store are easier than iOS App store, but policy violations has often led to entire account suspensions on the Play Store. This is because there’s not much of approval process in place on the PS, developers need to make sure that there apps comply with Google’s launch checklist and then submit the app […]

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  • Download New Google Play APK version 4.0


    icon-bell-o Play Store APK Updated Below are the most recent versions of Play Store: [posts-by-tag tags = “google-play-apk” number = “5”] It’s here, folks. The redesigned Google Play Store app for Android that we previewed back in March is finally rolling out to Android devices all over the world, and while the official rollout will take […]