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  • How to View Android Screen on PC

    Ever wanted to view your Android device’ screen on your PC? You might doubt the purpose for this, but if you knew you could fully operate your Android device from the comfort of your PC, we guess you’d be interested. With the Vysor app for Chrome and Android devices, you can mirror your Android screen to […]

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  • Unable to see some files and folders on PC while device is connected over MTP? Try this fix

    A handful lot of users complain of not being able to see certain folders and files from their phone on the PC when connected over MTP. This reportedly happens mostly with HTC users, but prevails on other Android devices as well. Solution to this issue is pretty easy. You just have to clear app data for the Media Storage and External […]

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  • Manage Device Notifications Seamlessly From Your Desktop/Laptop Using Pushbullet, and Also Transfer and Share Files

    Ever have one of those days, where you have a lot of work, and you’re expecting an important text from someone? It becomes quite a hassle juggling between the laptop and the phone. Pushbullet offers a way out of this. Pushbullet shows your notifications right on your desktop, so you can check why your phone […]