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  • Apple to pay legal fees incurred by Samsung


    The legal battle between Apple and Samsung seems to be far from over. After a U.K. court directed Apple to issue an apology to Samsung for accusing it of copyright infringement over the iPad, Apple went ahead and posted a rather obtuse sorry-note on its UK website, which didn’t go down too well with the court. Subsequently, Apple was directed […]

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  • Multi-user on Android Phones is not a problem for Nokia, doesn’t have a patent on it


    Quit hating Nokia please, they aren’t stopping Google from adding multi-user functionality on Android phones. Android 4.2 features the ability to have multiple user accounts on Android tablets, but Google isn’t making the feature available to phones, which was speculated to be because Nokia held a patent on multi-user accounts on phones. However, Nokia has […]

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  • Motorola removes most phones from its German site, still has Razr M and Razr i though, to keep customers happy as ever


    In an unexpected development, Motorola has pulled off most of its Android based phones and tablets from  its German website, leaving just 3 devices, the Motorola Razr HD, the Razr i and the Gleam X. German site Areamobile was the first to notice this anomaly, and upon inquiries was informed by Motorola PR, that the […]

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  • Apple-Samsung lawsuit: Permanent injunction and additional $707 million demanded by iPhone maker

    Apple Samsung Lawsuit goes on

    Well, Apple clearly believes that there is more fun (and more money) to be extracted from what is already boring and frustrating lawsuit for the mobile industry that’s going on between Apple and Samsung in California. The iPhone maker has made several demands as regards ‘willful’ patent infringement and that of ‘trade dress’ by Samsung, to […]