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  • OnePlus 2 Nougat update: February 2017 release; First OnePlus 7.0 build is out for current flagship

    OnePlus 2 update

    Update [December 01, 2016]: Even though their current flagship in OnePlus 3T, the OnePlus team showed its support for the great OnePlus 3 and its users today by releasing the beta version of their Nougat update for the OnePlus 3 today. It’s already available for download on the before-mentioned link, and we hope that the […]

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  • OnePlus X Nougat update: Nope; OxygenOS 3.1.4 update OTA and Full ROM download

    OnePlus X Marshmallow update

    Redirected to http://www.theandroidsoul.com/oneplus-x-updates/ OnePlus team has finally gifted the Marshmallow update to its OnePlus X users, initially coming off as a community build. This build is not a final release, and thus you may experience some little bugs or issues in far corners of the ROM. The software version of the OnePlus X Marshmallow update community […]

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  • [OTA download] OxygenOS 3.2.2 for OnePlus 3 released, fixes alert slider issue and disables fingerprint sensor when device is in pocket

    OnePlus 3 update oxygen os 3.2

    The OnePlus team has released the OxygenOS 3.2.2 update for its OnePlus 3. The update brings host of features, very practical ones, and makes clearer impression that the team listens to to user feedback and reported issues, and can fix them asap too. It wasn’t long ago when OnePlus team delivered the OxygenOS 3.2 update that featured […]