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  • Super Bright Phone LG Optimus EX Announced!

    Boasting 700 nits of brightness to differentiate from the horde of android phones in the market, the LG Optimus EX just got official prints to its name. It’s launching in Korea soon with SK Telecom, but no word is available about any plans of global release. LG Optimus EX is a follow-up to Optimus 2X […]

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  • LG Optimus EX (LU880) Specifications Leaked

    LG Optimus EX

    It’s the age of dual-core phones, so I guess another sweet slim device form LG, which produced the world’s first dual-core phone in Optimus 2X, would be a good feed for weekend. We’re talking about the LG Optimus EX, which is reportedly just 9.6 mm thick and takes clues from Optimus Black on aesthetics — […]