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  • OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus X and OnePlus 3 Android Nougat Update: Everything we know

    OnePlus devices have been flagship killers for three years now. And it never disappointed us on hardware or software front. However, when it comes to releasing Android software updates, OnePlus has been slow, very slow in fact. Being the first device to run an alternate version of the world’s most famous custom ROM for Android — CyanogenMod — we expected […]

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  • [Download OTA] OnePlus 2 Oxygen OS 2.1.1 OTA rolling out

    OnePlus 2 is receiving a small OTA update to right now, with a new Oxygen OS version 2.1.1. The update is only 44MB in size and includes bug fixes/enhancements: Facebook crashing on open Maps and Messenger not working in landscape mode New language packs for Swiftkey keyboard The OTA isn’t available for your sideloading pleasure yet, but […]

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  • OnePlus 2 Open Sale Timings!

    It’s happening, finally! OnePlus 2 is going for an open sale on October 12 in Asia, Europe and North America for 1 hour. You can purchase the OnePlus 2 during this one hour without an invite. The sale will go live on official OnePlus 2 online store for your country. And for the folks in India, Amazon.in will be hosting […]

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  • OnePlus 2 gets Double Tap to Sleep from Status bar

    We love it when manufacturers push an OTA update with surprises. The last OnePlus 2 OTA update, for which the official changelog didn’t mention more than bug fixes, apparently has a delightfully sweet feature that puts your phone to sleep with double tap on status bar. Double tap to sleep was a nice feature on OnePlus One, the company’s last flagship […]

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  • How to Install Hydrogen OS on OnePlus 2

    Earlier this year when partnership between Cyanogen and OnePlus broke due to the controversy surrounded over the launch of OnePlus One in India, a truly amazing thing happened for the OnePlus One — a new OS. When Cyanogen made their word clear that they won’t be supporting OS updates for OnePlus One in India, OnePlus went to partner with […]

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  • OnePlus 2 CM12.1 ROM Alpha build now available

    It’s here, folks! OnePlus 2 CM12.1 ROM is finally shaping up and the first Alpha build (unofficial) is now available for anyone to download and install. Thanks to Grarak over at XDA. You’d expect an alpha build to be something that’s just booted, but OnePlus 2 is not your usual non-developer-friendly device. Thanks to the unlockable bootloader and source code […]