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  • How to recover notifications cleared from notification bar on Android, including Samsung devices

    Notifications play a very important role in the modern day gadgets, including Android mobile devices and tablets. Android Notification Center is super cool — in fact, super super cool on Nougat! — that is loaded with amazing features like notifications from similar apps grouped under one tab, and the ability to hide notifications from the […]

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  • How to Block or Silence Notifications from an App on Android Nougat

    One of the most appreciated feature on Android 7.0 Nougat is easier controls over notifications from apps installed on a device. Nougat allows you to either block or silence notifications from a particular app. This could have many useful use cases like silencing WhatsApp notifications while you’re onto something serious (books, work, etc.), or entirely blocking notifications from an app that advertises itself much too […]

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  • Get Full Battery and other Pre-defined Battery Level Alerts with the Battery Reader Android App

    It may happen sometimes that you forget to unplug your device even after it’s been fully charged, resulting not only in waste of electricity but also slightly damaging your phone’s battery too. For situations like that, there’s an app: Battery Reader, which would shout out loud to alert you that your phone as been charged, and […]

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  • Manage Device Notifications Seamlessly From Your Desktop/Laptop Using Pushbullet, and Also Transfer and Share Files

    Ever have one of those days, where you have a lot of work, and you’re expecting an important text from someone? It becomes quite a hassle juggling between the laptop and the phone. Pushbullet offers a way out of this. Pushbullet shows your notifications right on your desktop, so you can check why your phone […]