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  • Guess who is coming back next year?


    So the Microsoft-Nokia deal — that resulted in the complete disappearance of the latter from the market — is set to expire next year and we can expect the company to be back with a bang. After going through some pretty bad times, the company is all set to make a complete comeback and what’s more, […]

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  • Multi-user on Android Phones is not a problem for Nokia, doesn’t have a patent on it


    Quit hating Nokia please, they aren’t stopping Google from adding multi-user functionality on Android phones. Android 4.2 features the ability to have multiple user accounts on Android tablets, but Google isn’t making the feature available to phones, which was speculated to be because Nokia held a patent on multi-user accounts on phones. However, Nokia has […]

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  • Pulse Android App in Works at Nokia


    Nokia seems to be putting a lot of focus on the software front lately. Reportedly, Nokia is in the process of porting one of its social apps Pulse, originally meant for its WP7 devices, over to Android as well, and iOS too. Pulse by Nokia is like Foursquare, where you can check into venues, automatically […]