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  • It wasn’t the Nokia 8 in Qualcomm video at CES [Confirmed]

    The smartphone showcasing Qualcomm’s EIS and OIS technology at CES turned out to not be the upcoming Nokia flagship. As stated by Qualcomm’s spokeswoman, Catherine Baker, Qualcomm does not disclose reference design and that the device shown in the CES video follows Qualcomm’s own reference design. The Qualcomm reference device which obviously had the Snapdragon logo […]

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  • Nokia 6 system runs on CM14 source code

    It has been discovered that the newly launched Nokia 6 Android smartphone is using source code from CyanogenMod. The custom Android interface that the smartphone is running uses a CM kernel. Now what does this mean? Well, nothing too significant actually. The CM source code is open and anyone can use it. After the fall […]

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  • Nokia N1 Android tablet to be launched in India soon

    nokia n1

    Nokia might launch its Android based tablet Nokia N1 in India anytime soon, claim reports by NPU. The tablet was spotted in the country’s import and export tracking website Zauba as it has been shipped into the country for testing purposes. The arrival to India does not guarantee the launch of the tablet in the […]

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  • Nokia N1 Android Tablet Launched in Taiwan for $268

    nokia n1 tablet

    Nokia released the highly anticipated N1 Android tablet in January this year, but the device was meant only for the Chinese market. Following the success of the device in China, Nokia seems to be in plans to release the device in the global markets. The firm has launched the N1 slate in Taiwan at an […]

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  • Guess who is coming back next year?

    So the Microsoft-Nokia deal — that resulted in the complete disappearance of the latter from the market — is set to expire next year and we can expect the company to be back with a bang. After going through some pretty bad times, the company is all set to make a complete comeback and what’s more, […]

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  • Nokia working on a Laptop that dual boots Windows and Android

    Nokia laptop

    Nokia has finally begun to embrace Android after being acquired by Microsoft, the company launched their Android based tablet Nokia N1 last month in China and have already went out of stock twice. We’re yet to try our own hands on the N1 tablet, Nokia’s first ever real Android device, but reviewers are suggesting it to be a great device. Nokia has set […]

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  • Nokia N1 price set at $260, launches in China

    Nokia N1

    Nokia N1 is an Android powered tablet from the division of Nokia that isn’t owned by Microsoft. The company has launched the tablet in China today in an event in Beijing and is priced CNY 1,599 which converts to $260. The Nokia N1 is 7.9 inch with a display resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, it’s powered by Intel […]