• Root
  • Nexus 9 Marshmallow Root

    nexus 9 root Marshmallow

    With Nexus 9 receiving an update to MRA58N, you need to root it again for superuser access. Now that new root method is available, both the normal root trick and system-less root trick. We will be updating the page with root solutions for each and every build that follows on, so that you are sure […]

  • Tips
  • How to Fix Nexus 9 Android System Error: There’s an internal problem with your device. Contact your manufacturer for details

    Nexus 9 Android System Error Fix

    You own a Nexus device mostly to be able to customize your device to your liking, without the limits posed by locked bootloader. But some Nexus 9 users are getting a curious error when they have flashed a custom ROM of their choice. The error is: “There’s an internal problem with your device. Contact your manufacturer […]

  • Recovery
  • Nexus 9 TWRP Recovery Installation Guide

    Android devices ship with stock Android 3e recovery by default, which lets you do stuff like wipe cache/data, flash signed zips and adb sideload OTA updates), but a recovery is capable of so much more. With a custom recovery like TWRP, you’ll be able to take nandroid backups and flash custom ROMS/mods/tweaks and o lot more cool […]

  • Drivers
  • Nexus 9 Driver (ADB, Fastboot, and MTP) Installation Guide

    Installing proper driver on your computer for your device can be either very annoying or simple as that. It’s one thing that has been annoying users ever since computers came, and the situation is still somewhat same. Even after Microsoft added automated driver installation support with Windows Vista onwards, we still stumble upon incompatible drivers for our various devices. A […]