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  • CrucialTek announces displays with integrated fingerprint scanner, open sesame becomes placing your finger on the screen


    We have all admired the fingerprint scanner that comes with some smartphones at one time or another. After all, its quite something else unlocking your phone simply by placing your finger on the home button rather than the relatively long and cumbersome process of typing in a password. However, since the scanner is usually embedded in […]

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  • With Flexible devices set to hit the market, OLED panels may be about to get a rebirth


    Some years ago, OLEDs or organic light emitting diodes were all but discarded in favor of LCDs, which produced color patterns more accurately even though OLEDs in effect proved to be way more power efficient than the latter. Nevertheless, thanks to Samsung and some other manufacturers, OLED panels managed to survive alongside their more famous LCD […]