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  • New Feature in Google Search: Results from Bookmarks and Browsing history also being shown right next to search results!

    browser history result

    Looks like Google is updating the search results layout, now also throwing in the results from user’s browsing history and bookmarks. In the pic above, you can see that the search term ‘HTC One’ (fav of yours too?) in being searched in bookmarks and history too, and the results from respective categories are presented in the right side […]

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  • LG G3 Features Rundown!

    LG has finally unveiled its latest flagship product dubbed LG G3, at its simultaneous events in London, New York, San Francisco followed by Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul on Tuesday, May 27th. The company has come up with the tag line Simple is the New Smart for its new flagship device, bearing in mind the simple yet […]

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  • New Feature in Play Store: ‘Users Also Installed’ Section Now Shows Up at Top After Downloading of an App Starts [Video]

    The Google Play APK version 4.5.10 remains the latest version as far as we know, but on the very version we’re looking at a new feature. Right after the download is initiated for an app, the ‘Users Also Installed’ section shows up above the screenshots section of the app, to recommend you 3 apps right […]

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  • Google+ for Android gets a huge update and new features including Profile Editing, animated GIF support, communities and Photo Sphere support

    In what could qualify as an awesome pre-Christmas gift, Google has rolled out a massive update for Google+, which adds a whopping 18 new features to the service. Honestly, calling it an update might not really do justice, as it is more of a huge upgrade than anything else. And hey, Google is living up […]

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  • Create flashable zip files of apps and data now with your fav and just updated Titanium Backup Android app

    Titanium Backup is the ultimate app of choice for every avid Android user with a rooted device. And if you are someone who is prone to flashing every new Custom ROM out in your quest for the perfect balance between performance, eye-candy and battery life,  Titanium Backup will not only backup your apps, but the […]