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  • MWC 2015: ZTE Grand S3 announced, comes with a retina scanner

    ZTE unveiled its Grand S3 at MWC yesterday with a unique Eyeprint ID feature. This allows a Grand S3 user to have a password free method to unlock their device. The phone’s Eyeprint ID feature on the front camera can scan veins in your eye and unlock the phone. This is one of the most secure option we’ve seen to privacy-guard a smartphone. As every […]

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  • Qualcomm unveils Sense ID with ultrasonic fingerprint sensors at the MWC

    Apple has always pawned Android as far as fingerprint recognition is concerned —  more so after it released the superb TouchID with its Iphone5. However, a recent announcement by Qualcomm in its press conference at the MWC in Barcelona today promises to change that, as the US based manufacturer presented what it claims is the world’s first ‘ultrasonic’ fingerprint scanner —  The […]

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  • MWC 2015: Qualcomm announces Sense ID 3D Finger Scanner, Zeroth Machine Learning Engine and Snapdragon 820 Processor

    qualcomm 820

    Chip maker Qualcomm at the MWC 2015 tech show has unleashed its latest device security feature, an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner called Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID 3D Fingerprint Technology. This technology makes use of ultrasonic waves to go through the exterior layers of your finger and create a 3D map on your fingerprint. The ultimate aim […]

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  • Archos to launch four new smartphones at MWC 2015

    MWC 2105 is just around the corner, there has been news all over the internet about the various devices that would be showcased there. Apart from Samsung, HTC and Sony, small players including budget-phone maker Archos will be gracing the event at Barcelona. French company Archos has announced it will be launching four new budget-friendly […]

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  • Sony teases Xperia Z4 Tablet for MWC 2015

    The recent leaks revealed that along with Samsung’s Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC’s One M9, Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet will also be gracing the MWC 2015 next week but just in case you have any doubts, we’ve got more evidence for you. Well, the Japanese manufacturer has taken to Twitter to officially confirm that the Sony […]

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  • LG G Flex 2 now rolling out globally

    LG G Flex 2

    LG announced today that its latest curved screen smartphone — the G Flex 2 will begin to roll out globally. LG said major carriers in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany and the UK will be among the first to offer the smartphone. The device will be made available in other countries in […]