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  • CloudAmpz lets you Stream/Play Music from Google Drive, Dropbox and Box to your Andrioid device and Chromecast

    If you are an active music listener and you like listening to the songs frequently you are likely to search for different music players on the Playstore for better and lucid functionality. Most Music players let you create personalized playlists, shuffle your collection to listen casually every now and then. If cloud is where you store your collection […]

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  • Download Xperia Z2 Apps: Live Wallpapers, Gallery, XperiaLounge, Video Editor, Music Player, SociaLife, Notes, Calendar, etc. for Your Android Device

    Thanks to GalaxyUser, we have nearly all the gettable Xperia Z2 apps, which includes Live Wallpapers, Gallery, Video Editor, SocialLife, XperiaLounge, Notes, Calendar, Sketch, etc. apps. The pic at the top features the Gallery (Album, that is) and SocialLife apps. One .ZIP file of all APPS You don’t have to download each app individually. Just download […]

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  • Unofficial Google Music Desktop Player for Windows

    Meet the Google Music Desktop Player for Windows, an unofficial Google Music application for Windows by DeviantArt user ~vhanla that lets you access and control your music stored in Google’s cloud music service, with a multimedia keyboard, taskbar buttons, or through a sidebar widget on the desktop. The app was last updated quite a while back in October 2011, but […]