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  • More Xoom 2 Pics Leaked. 9.3mm Thickness Rumored!

    We know and completely agree that tablet’s thickness is one of the most important factor to a buyer. This is where Galaxy Tab 10.1 excels at — being just 8.6 mm thick — while other companies try to break that benchmark. We’ve seen Motorola’s several tablets leaked in last few weeks and their cool new […]

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  • Motorola Tablet Specs and Blurry Pics Leaked

    Motorola Tablet

    The specs have been flowing around for a bit for now of the Motorola’s 10 inch Android tablet that would run the biggest version of android, the Honeycomb, whose which this tablet is indeed a flagship device, much like what Nexus S was for Gingerbread. It’s not hard to notice the Verizon markup at the […]