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  • Moto Maker enters China: Customize your Motorola device before buying

    Consumers in China will now be able to use the Moto Maker services and purchase customized Motorola devices as per an announcement by Lenovo, Motorola’s parent company at its TechWorld event in Beijing today. The move, which is aimed at boosting sales in China, where the company is facing tough competition from domestic manufacturers such as Xiaomi and One […]

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  • Moto X Pro and 2nd Gen. Moto G, Moto X now available in China

    Motorola is finally stepping back into the Chinese market, all thanks to acquisition of the company by Chinese multinational, Lenovo. The Chinese market is one of the hottest smartphone market and also the most competitive one, as local manufacturers here build devices with great specifications and thinnest of all. Motorola is entering the Chinese market […]

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  • Moto X Pro announced, a 6-inch Moto X version of Nexus 6

    Moto X Pro

    Motorola announces the Moto X Pro, a 6-inch device powered by Snapdragon 805 processor. It’s basically the Nexus 6 that Motorola built in partnership with Google, but only non-nexus. The Moto X Pro will feature all of the Motorola Goodness like the touchless control, Moto Display and such stuff. Moto X Pro will be released in China […]