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  • Moto X Pure/Style, X Play, X 2nd Gen, Moto G4 and G 3rg Gen. Nougat update: release date and everything else we know

    The Android 7.0 Nougat update is due in a couple of months as per Google’s official statement for the release of Android Nougat in the fall of 2016. However, for non-nexus devices, the Nougat update will take a more time to release. Thankfully, Motorola is one of the very manufacturers who take Android updates seriously and push out OTAs to […]

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  • Force Reboot or Shutdown Moto G 3rd Gen

    Even though powered by a very good software, your Moto G 3rd Gen could still hang in some rare cases. We said very good software because this is near-pure stock Android OS from Motorola, with its minimal customization that is mostly very productive. But you may still need the tricky way out of situation when your […]

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  • Boot Moto G 3rd Gen into Recovery Mode

    Like every Android device out there, Motorola’s Moto G 3rd Gen also comes with a stock recovery, also called 3e recovery. This is plenty helpful if you are looking to do a factory reset. Or, if you have a custom recovery like TWRP, this method will allow you to boot into TWRP recovery. There are various method […]

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  • How to Unlock Moto G 2015 Bootloader

    Almost all of Motorola devices released since 2013 are bootloader unlock capable and the Moto G 2015 is no different. However, unlocking the bootloader on Moto devices isn’t as easy as it’s on Nexus devices. Motorola has its own custom setup in place to allow bootloader unlock on its devices, and it takes a little more effort […]

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  • How to Boot into Moto G 2015 Recovery Mode

    It hasn’t even been 24 hours of Moto G 2015’s official announcement, and the device is already shipping to those who didn’t flinch a second before placing an order as soon as the phone launched on Flipkart in India. We guess it won’t take more than a week for the Moto G 2015 to get TWRP recovery for itself. The […]

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  • Download 3rd Gen Moto G Ringtones

    Download the .zip file below to get all the ringtones, notification tones, UI tones and alarm tones from the new 3rd Gen Moto G, 2015 edition, that will be released soon by the company. Truth be told, we couldn’t find any exciting ringtone, as because Motorola sticks to stock UI — which is a very good […]

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  • Moto G 3rd Gen Ringtones

    [column size=”one-second”] [ad2] [/column] [column size=”one-second” last=”true”] Filename: 3rd-Gen-Moto-G-Ringtones.zip File size: 21.5 MB   [/column] Other ringtone packs that you may be interested in: Galaxy S6 ringtones Xperia Z4/Z3+ ringtones Android M Preview Wallpaper LG G4 ringtones Find more ringtones here.  

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  • Moto G 3rd Gen (2105) Wallpapers

    Update (August 3, 2015): Here they are. All new 9 wallpapers in HD resolution from the Moto G 3rd Gen. Plus, the Google Android Lollipop wallpapers, some 10 of them. The download link below has been updated accordingly. The above image shows Motorola’s own wallpapers, while one below previews Google’s Lollipop wallpapers. Original post: Well, here is a […]

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  • Moto G 3rd Gen Wallpapers

    File: motog3-wallies.zip | Size: 7.51 MB Download link — File: Google-Wallpapers-Moto-G-3rd-Gen.zip | Size: 14.5 MB Download link —   Other wallpaper packs that you may be interested in: Galaxy S6 Wallpapers Xperia Z4/Z3+ wallpapers Android M Preview Wallpaper LG G4 wallpapers Find more wallpapers here.

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  • Download 3rd Gen. Moto G (2015) Wallpapers [LEAK]

    Someone somewhere definitely has hold of the 3rd Gen. Moto G as leaks for the device just aren’t stopping. Only a couple of days ago, we saw the device leaked in a video and now folks over at The Android Soul are already reporting of a Moto G 3rd Gen. firmware being available for download. That obviously puts the smarter among us […]