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  • Hack a Galaxy Tab 10.1 to make phone calls

    Samsung P7500 Tab 10.1

    Most Android tablets come with a variant that supports mobile data through 3G/HSPA networks, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is no exception. This makes them theoretically support voice calling, though it’s almost always disabled by the manufacturer, but those owning a 3G-enabled Galaxy Tab 10.1 can now make phone calls from their tablet as well […]

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  • LG UI 3.0 Launcher APK


    You didn’t think the TouchWiz 5 launcher from the Galaxy S3 would take away all the limelight, did you? After countless ports of the TouchWiz 5 launcher for different devices, the launcher from LG UI 3.0 — LG’s latest proprietary UI seen on latest and upcoming LG devices — has been made available for all […]

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  • Get Beats Audio on Your Galaxy S i9000


    So what if the latest HTC phones come with Beats Audio™, a branded equalizer that improves bass and a few other things in the sound output? No one said it has to be exclusive to the HTC phones, not as long as the custom modding community is around. Modders and developers on XDA have managed […]

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  • Beats Audio Hacked for Galaxy S2 i9100


    One of the most touted features in the latest Android phones from HTC is undoubtedly Beats Audio™ that provides better and improved sound, coupled with special Beats headphones. Of course, the modding community couldn’t stand by and watch while the HTC phones reaped the benefits of Beats Audio, so they went looking for ways to port […]

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  • Dual-Boot ROMs on LG Optimus GT540


    The LG Optimus GT540 might be an old and outdated Android phone (it debuted with Android 1.6), but that doesn’t stop the people in the modding community from trying to get the most out of it. XDA member Sadronis has developed a dual-boot mod for the GT540 that lets you switch between different installed ROMs […]