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  • Desire Z and G2 Get MIUI 4 Rom


    MIUI seems to have really picked up speed lately, going by the consistent rate at which new MIUI builds, official or otherwise are being released for a variety of devices. Today, we have a brand new MIUI 4 ROM based on Android 4.0.3 or Ice Cream Sandwich, and the 2.1.20 base,  for the HTC Desire […]

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  • MIUI v4 Ported to HTC myTouch 4G

    mytouch 4g

    Its here!!! XDA member febycv has released a Beta MIUI 4 ROM (unofficial port), or MIUI based on the Ice Cream Sandwich framework, for the MyTouch 4G. The ROM has been ported from the official MIUI ROM for the Nexus S, and is currently in beta development, meaning, that there are a lot of bugs […]

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  • Install MIUI v4 on HTC Desire


    With MIUI4 ported over to the Nexus One, it was a no-brainer that it’s HTC branded twin, the HTC Desire, would get it too. The two devices are identical in specs and performance, with only a few minor differences in appearance, namely the Nexus One trackball being replaced with an optical trackpad on the Desire, […]

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  • Install MIUI v4 on Nexus One

    miui_nexus one

      It’s here!!! MIUI v4 based on the Android 4.0.3 or Ice Cream Sandwich framework, for the original Google Experience Device which started the Nexus legacy, the Google Nexus One. I used to own one, and man, do I wish I had still kept it. The fact that the developer community continues to churn out […]