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  • MIUI 4 Theme: Suave HD

    MIUI is one unique custom ROM that gives a total overhaul to the default Android UI. Not only that, but the inbuilt theme engine gives it a level of customizability not seen on any other ROM. A lot of themes, both paid and free are available for MIUI, and can even be mixed together with […]

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  • MIUI Theme based on Windows Phone 7 (WP7)

    MIUI, one of the most famous custom ROMs for Android, has one great and really nifty feature: the inbuilt Theme Engine. The theme engine in MIUI lets you change the look and feel of almost every single thing in the UI, and with countless themes available for it, MIUI is one of the most beautiful […]

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  • MIUI Theme — Ice Cream MIUI 4.0

    If you are using an MIUI ROM on your device, you would have tried some of the many awesome themes available for use with MIUI. The best thing about MIUI based themes is that they transform every aspect of the UI, right from the home screen, lock screen, icons, settings, and a lot more, giving […]

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  • Install Cool New MIUI Theme ─ LE Theme

    If you like to use MIUI ROMs over other custom ROMs, you are clearly the kind of person who is likely to customize every aspect of the phone; from the Home Screen to the App Icons, to the lockscreen and would want to extend the theme even to your favorite applications. That’s where MIUI themes […]