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  • Guess who is coming back next year?

    So the Microsoft-Nokia deal — that resulted in the complete disappearance of the latter from the market — is set to expire next year and we can expect the company to be back with a bang. After going through some pretty bad times, the company is all set to make a complete comeback and what’s more, […]

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  • [APK] Microsoft Health released on Play Store, a Google Fit Competitor

    Only a day before yesterday Google released its fitness tracking app, Google Fit. And now, in competition to that Microsoft has released a similar app on the Play store, Microsoft Health. The app tracks your sleep quality, heart rate, steps and calorie burn throughout the day. Microsoft Health app works/collects your fitness data with the help of Microsoft Band, a wearable […]

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  • Microsoft’s Nokia making a Lumia Android phone?

    Nokia shocked the world when it was acquired by Microsoft and now there’s another shocking news from the renowned leakster, Evleaks, who is best know for his accurate inside news. Evleaks has tweeted that Android-Powered Lumia incoming from Nokia by Microsoft. https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/486023825990373377 If the big news is for real then these may embark a new threat to existing […]

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  • MS Office for Android revealed

    After a long wait, and a lot of hide-and-seek, it’s finally here. The long awaited official Microsoft Office Suite for Android. While there are a plethora of apps which allow handling of native MS Office file formats, notable ones being Polaris Office, Quick Office and Docs to Go, we must admit that there’s nothing like […]

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  • MS Office for Android coming officially next year

    The rumour mills have buzzing for quite some time now about Microsoft working on native compatibility for its Office apps on Google’s Android OS and Apple iOS. With both Android and iOS now ruling the roost among Operating Systems for mobile devices, it would seem more to Microsoft’s advantage to develop a version of the […]

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  • Motorola wins a patent case against Microsoft in Germany

    Motorola Mobility

    Motorola has won a case in Germany against Microsoft over infringement of a patent which enables apps to work on different handsets. A method of developing apps which allows developers to save time and money on writing separate code for different devices. Microsoft was previously awarded three patent cases against Motorola leading to ban of Moto […]