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  • [APK] Google Play Newsstand Updated to v3.3.1

    Google Play Newsstand just got updated to v3.3.1, the last update to the magazine app was v3.3 so this is only a small update. The Play Newsstand app already received its Material design makeover in its previous updates, and unfortunately, a quick overview of the app didn’t show anything new. So unless Google itself announces the new […]

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  • [APK] Google Play Books Updated to v3.2.55, gets Material Design and enhanced browsing experience

    Google Play Books just got updated to version 3.2.55. The update brings Material design to the app, along with a couple of new useful features. You can now skim through an entire book with a swipe and browse between notes, highlights and bookmarks easily with spot icons on the screen. As for material design stuff, the update brings basic […]

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  • UI differences between the “Android L” beta and the “Android L” final release

    Google revealed the Android “L” yesterday at Google I/O with massive changes in design. The new Material Design UI literally refreshes Android experience with its clean and flat color schemes. Google even went ahead and launched a new website dedicated to design for apps, web and digital in general — google.com/design. The new Google design site […]