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  • How to Remove Amazon Ads from Lockscreen without Root

    Amazon recently began selling select Android devices at discounted prices, in exchange for pre-installing Amazon apps and ads on the lockscreen of the device. We think this is a pretty sweet deal. Decent ads on lockscreen shouldn’t bother. I mean it’s the least viewed screen on a device. And users see ads anyway on almost all free apps on Android, […]

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  • Remove Lock Screen Pattern / Password on Android using Antilock

    Ever been in a situation when you’ve a lockscreen with security password/pattern on your Android device but you somehow can’t remember it OR your is simply refusing the password that you know. Well, this happens to a handful lot of people, and thanks to Cr4x3r over at XDA who just developed a working solution to simply remove/bypass the lock screen security password or […]

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  • Mario Unlock Screen for MIUI is So Cool!

    This is fun, you’ve probably the most famous gaming character, Mario, right up there on your phone’s screen. You gotta move Mario to preferred location in order to unlock your phone. Oh yes, to use Mario lock screen, your phone needs to be running MIUI custom ROM. Here’s is how Mario unlocks the screen, and […]