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  • Download Xperia Z2 Apps: Live Wallpapers, Gallery, XperiaLounge, Video Editor, Music Player, SociaLife, Notes, Calendar, etc. for Your Android Device

    Thanks to GalaxyUser, we have nearly all the gettable Xperia Z2 apps, which includes Live Wallpapers, Gallery, Video Editor, SocialLife, XperiaLounge, Notes, Calendar, Sketch, etc. apps. The pic at the top features the Gallery (Album, that is) and SocialLife apps. One .ZIP file of all APPS You don’t have to download each app individually. Just download […]

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  • Go Gangnam Style on your phone. Get the official PSY Live Wallpaper and Ringtone for Android.

    Can’t get enough of Gangnam Style? Here’s something that will help get you more of it, all the time. Presenting, the official PSY Gangnam Style Live Wallpaper and ringtone for Android. The Gangnam Style music video has the highest number of Youtube views of all time, and the LWP includes the elevator dance sequence from […]