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  • Here is how you set up Flashtool on Linux

    On Windows, you can simply install and run the Flashtool using its .exe file, but things aren’t really that easy on Linux. You need to make sure that you have the right working USB drivers ‘libusb-dev’ installed, make sure flash_tool.sh is executable before running it. And then some more. Like, creating a persistent rule. You might still get an […]

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  • How to Fix Ubuntu Fastboot connection!

    If you are having trouble connecting you Android device to your Linux PC — or more appropriately Ubuntu — using fastboot, and are at loss to find the cause of it, then we may help you a little bit. A Zenfone 2 user over at XDA, SiriusCybernetik, was facing the same issue and what he found out a solution is […]

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  • Quick ADB and Fastboot Installer for Linux

    Android is an Open Source platform, so anyone can download the sources from the Internet and can make their own customizations and tweaks. The only way you can test your tweaks on your device is to connect it to a PC to communicate with the device. Connecting hardware to a PC require proper drivers so […]