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  • LG V10 Nougat update & Firmware: Verizon releases VS99027A update

    Update [April 12, 2017]: Verizon is now seeding the latest security patch to the LG V10. Arriving as build VS99027A, the update is being pushed over the air. We’re not entirely sure if the update installs the March or April security patch as Verizon hasn’t mentioned so, but it should be either of the two. Update [January 11, 2017]: Verizon […]

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  • How to Root LG V10 H960A

    It took awhile for the LG V10 to get TWRP recovery, but now that it’s available (thanks to rudi666 at xda), getting root access on the LG V10 H960A is a piece of cake. As you might already know, flashing SuperSU zip via TWRP recovery is the easiest way to root an Android device, and thankfully, it […]

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  • How to Install LG V10 TWRP Recovery [H960A]

    Today is the day ya all LG v10 users have been waiting for! User rudi666 over at xda has just released an unofficial build of TWRP recovery 3.0.2-0 for the LG V10 H960A (European). Installing TWRP on LG V10 H960A is pretty easy since LG officially supports bootloader unlocking on the device. All you need is a PC, a data cable […]

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  • How to Unlock LG V10 Bootloader

    Only recently LG began to let its flagship device users to unlock the bootloader on their devices. However, until today, only the LG G4 and G5 were supported to be officially bootloader unlockable. But thanks to LG’s continued interest in letting users experience freedom on their devices, the company has today added support for LG V10 as well for […]

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  • How to Root LG V10

    It has only been a month since LG released the V10, and we already have root access on the device. Thanks to the TWRP recovery build by KAsp3rd, using which you can simply flash Chainfire’s SuperSU zip and get root. Root access gives you system level privileges on your Android device. With root, you can modify any system file on […]

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  • [Download] T-Mobile LG V10 TWRP Recovery

    LG’s flagship phone for this holiday season, the LG V10, has now received an unofficial build of TWRP recovery for the T-Mobile variant (H901), thanks to KAsp3rd over at xda. TWRP recovery opens a world of awesomeness for your Android device. From installing a custom ROM & MODs to taking a full nandroid backup, twrp recovery enables you to do […]

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  • LG V10 TWRP Recovery: Downloads and How to Install Guide

    Supported devices LG V10, model no. LG-H901 Don’t try this on any other device whose model no. is different than the one mentioned above! Important: Check your device’s model no. on free Android app called Droid Info. If you see the model no. mentioned above in the app, then use this recovery, otherwise not. BTW, you can check device’s […]